19 February 2021

Italy Vehicle Production : 2018-19 (By Brand)

The vehicle production numbers were down 14% in 2019, after a 7% fall the year before. It sounds bad but back in 2013, there were 650,000 units made compared to the 900,000 in 2019. There is some variance in terms of brands and models in the figures below, which spreads the risk of a sudden downturn. 

With passenger cars, Fiat made up half the number as you would expect. Jeep accounting for 30% may be more surprising. Alfa Romeo and Maserati had a couple of good years not long back but have suffered more recently. 

The 2019 Ferrari and Lamborghini numbers are correct when combined but I did the division into each marque. I based it on 2018 with the same increase for each. Between them, they did well.

The article for the 2017-18 equivalent is also available (click here) 

As for commercial vehicles, they were much more consistent than they usually are. Fiat and Iveco took the lion's share of the total but PSA made its mark as well. 

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