28 May 2020

UK Regional Penetration 2019 : Hyundai & Kia

The two makes from the Hyundai Group are both mainstream but Hyundai likes to think it's a cut above its sibling. I'm sure that's how the company wants to position them. For me Hyundai does nothing at all but Kia is something I would perhaps consider. So for a peek at how they fare in the UK.

Below is a chart that has the UK divided into regions (England) and countries that show how the two Korean brands are doing. The chart also has a ratio number by which the chart is sorted (1:1000). The higher the ratio, the further up the chart. The three countries each have a different colour and the England divisions are green.

This Kia Sportage contemplates the meaning of life

Kia sold just short of 100,000 cars in the UK in 2019, with a 4.15% share. It is the more popular of the two brands. Having been neck and neck for years, it has recently taken a solid lead. The SW England is where they are most popular (6.3%) but down to 3.1% in the NE of England.


Region Sales 1:1000

South West England 17,057 62.7

London 8,348 52.2

East Midlands 7,917 48.2

Wales 3,642 45.4

Scotland 7,955 44.8

North West England 10,118 43.0

Northern Ireland 2,075 40.6

East England 8,256 36.8

Yorkshire & Humber 6,776 36.1

South East England 15,747 32.3

West Midlands 7,397 31.3

North East England 2,102 30.6

Total 97,390 41.5

Hyundai aims to be more upmarket

Hyundai sold 83,000 units for a 3.55% slice of the pie. Northern Ireland is by far where it does best with 6.3% share. London is a good region for Kia but not so Hyundai (2.2%). There seems no pattern of where they do well between the brands.


Region Sales 1:1000

Northern Ireland 3,234 63.2

Yorkshire & Humber 8,952 47.7

East Midlands 7,448 45.3

North East England 2,941 42.8

South East England 19,440 39.8

South West England 10,810 39.7

Wales 2,843 35.5

Scotland 5,466 30.8

North West England 6,614 28.1

West Midlands 6,455 27.3

East England 5,686 25.3

London 3,464 21.7

Total 83,353 35.5

Data source: DTI.

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