05 August 2019

AMC USA Sales : 1980's

The AMC Encore

AMC was in trouble. It's production systems were behind the times and the Japanese had up to date plants in the US challenging AMC's strength, small cars. Sales were falling and by 1982 the company was barely managing to exceed 100,000. Renault became a shareholder and brought capital, car models and company improvements.

The AMC models were phased out for Renault cars, the only one that survived was the Eagle. The Alliance was a Renault 9, the Encore an 11. As I see it, other Renault cars were sold at this time in the US, but I haven't included them as they were not classed as AMC models. I may have got that wrong and if anyone can add their take on the situation, please leave a comment.

Model 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980
Alliance 100,366 126,008 30,173

Encore 69,235 20,182

Eagle 20,654 31,207 35,206 43,221 32,641
11,513 30,872 59,846 64,991
4,441 16,182 33,504 49,723

111 2,083
Total US Sales 190,255 193,351 112,433 136,682 149,438

Things were now happening. The profitable AM General division was sold in 1983 due to issues with French ownership and defence contracts. In 1987, Chrysler bought AMC from Renault and it became the Eagle-Jeep division. Chrysler gained production capacity for a low price and got the Jeep brand with all the potential that offered.

The car range was switched dramatically. The Premier model was introduced, one developed by AMC during its time with Renault. The Summit (a Mitsubishi Mirage) was introduced and the Talon was a sports coupé the same model as the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Plymouth Laser. The Medallion was a Renault 21, built in France and replaced the Eagle (Concord 4wd) but didn't last long. That was the range in 1989, the rest deleted by 1998.

Model 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985
Premier 39,546 40,872 192

Summit 19,121 4,603

Talon 7,145

Medallion 3,907 14,712

4,418 22,608 48,874 71,494
1,392 4,564 7,239 12,776

2,162 16,241 39,174
Total US Sales 69,719 65,997 29,526 72,354 123,444

Summary: AMC was now the Eagle division within the Chrysler empire. At this point it was hard to see that it had a future, with minuscule sales and few models.

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The Eagle Premier

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