04 June 2018

Top 5 Other Segments Models UK : 2016/17

I'm not sure if there are blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover but there is a
blue Ford Kuga (and kayaks) on the beach. The thing is could it get up there?

These last three segments are disparate but they have to be put somewhere. They also are having varied success. Let's take a brief overview of how they have been faring.

The Sports section had about 3% share in 2004 but are now under 2%, although these was a slight improvement for 2017.

The SUV reminds me of lyrics from War of the Worlds, where it says "...but still they come". Like an invading army, nothing seems able to contain the relentless march of the SUV. From just &5 in 2004, they took 18% in 2017. They still have some way to go to taking over the market but who can say where it will reach its saturation point?

The MPV is probably as practical as a family vehicle can get and sales have held up well. Despite that, share has dropped from 6.7% in 2014 to 4.4% now. That's quite a swing. maybe the SUV is proving a more enticing proposition from what is a often regarded as a dull segment.


Sports SUV MPV



Audi TT 9,836 Kia Sportag 40,083 Ford C-Max 18,196
VW Scirocco 5,729 Ford Kuga 35,481 Citroën C4 Picas 15,773
Mazda MX-5 4,229 L Rover Evoque 27,161 Vauxhall Zafira Tour 12,444
Ford Mustang 3,257 Hyundai Tucson 25,242 Ford S-Max 7,794
Other British 2,593 L Rover Disc Spt 23,796 Ford B-Max 7,468
Other 48.5% 24,130 Other 65.3% 286,168 Other 50.8% 63,801
49,774 Total
437,931 Total


Sports SUV MPV



Audi TT 7,762 Kia Sportag 39,683 Ford C-Max 12,655
VW Scirocco 4,935 Ford Kuga 39,212 Vauxhall Zafira Tour 12,219
Mazda MX-5 4,698 Hyundai Tucson 29,430 Citroën C4 Picas 11,017
M Benz SLC 3,664 VW Tiguan 29,121 Ford S-Max 5,977
Porsche 718 2,556 L Rover Evoque 24,906 Ford B-Max 5,930
Other 50.3% 23,937 Other 64.7% 298,060 Other 57.3% 64,241
47,552 Total
460,412 Total

Data source: SMMT.

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