17 June 2018

ASEAN Pick Up Truck Sales : 2017 (By Model)

The Colorado was the smallest selling model listed below
but had the largest percentage increase

Below are pick up truck sales of six models. For this exercise, small pick up commercial vehicles based on small vans are not included. Here we just look at the larger pick up, which often have SUVs baded on them.

Asean nations are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia,  Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. About 650 million people are encompassed within this grouping and roughly 3,150,000 vehicles were sold.

Overall sales were up nearly 5% up on 2016 so this sort of vehicle was ahead of the regional total. The one exception below was the Hilux, which was nearly caught by the Isuzu D-Max. The Ford Ranger is the most popular car in New Zealand and sells well in other mature markets and was third here, with a healthy 26% increase.

17 Brand/Model 2017 +/-

1 Toyota Hilux 157,000 -9%

2 Isuzu D-Max 149,300 11%

3 Ford Ranger 77,500 26%

4 Mitsubishi Triton 38,800 27%

5 Nissan Navara 36,800 15%

6 Chevrolet Colorado 21,400 36%


  1. Wow close fight between the Hilux and D-max. I didn't think it would be that close between Isuzu and Toyota because their SUV sales are way far from each other. Looks like Hilux is the truck to buy for me.

  2. Hello Adrian. Yes, the D-Max is popular in Asia, less so in other regions. Before buying anything, always test drive different models to find out which one is bes for you.