05 October 2017

Jaguar Production By Model: 2011-2016

One of the most popular articles I have written is the "Jaguar Production By Model: 1996-2015". (That can be seen by simply click here). It's not easy to see how the marque is doing so this sort of information hits a chord with many. It doesn't come from the company and it surprises me as to why more companies don't provide this. Their competitors already know what they do. If I wrote and asked I doubt any car makers would reply, let alone provide anything*.

Production has been growing with indecent haste this decade, from under 50,000 to over 170,000! Two extra models is helping greatly, the X-Type replacement in the form of the XE and  the all new F-Pace. Way back in 2008, not long after the blog started and the style a bit rough, I asked why no SUV for Jaguar? (It can be seen by clicking here). Nice to know it did eventually come and boy, what a difference it has made.

The XE has gone well too, proving the benefit of a smaller model. The X-Type for all its criticism did sell quite well and its successor has too. The XJ is a conundrum. It sells well in China but can a new version be viable? I'd go for a crossover style vehicle, retain the XJ designation and make it a great drive as Jaguars must.

2017 is seeing a consolidation but the immediate years thereafter promise much. What I would consider if I were Jaguar is some form of model sharing to defray the cost development. Alfa Romeo would be a nice fit.

Please note the figures below are for UK production only. In 2014 production commenced in China of the XJL and the XFL in late 2016. The numbers involved I have no idea. If anyone wants to improve the quality of this project and has/can get the information. please let me know.  Of course, Jaguar will realise the positive publicity of articles such as this one, so they may oblige.

Yr F-Pace XE XF F-Type XJ XK Total
11 - - 31,300 - 14,025 4,600 49,925
12 - - 36,850 - 15,075 3,975 55,900
13 - - 47,350 9,450 18,925 2,850 78,575
14 - - 45,125 11,050 16,700 2,275 75,150
15 - 37,700 38,900 12,725 13,325 - 102,650
16 66,550 48,900 33,500 12,300 11,300 - 172,550
Tot 66,550 86,600 233,025 45,525 89,350 13,700 534,750

*If I'm wrong on that, my email address is rdc1234@gmail.com so by all means car makers, send me sufficient data and I promise to create something from it.

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