27 December 2015

Lamborghini Production By Model : 2010-14

The Huracán (for the uninitiated)

Lamborghini has only been making cars since the mid-1960's. It's had numerous owners as is often the case with this sort of small, exotic car maker. Making a business case for low volume cars is not easy in this day and age. It is now owned by VW and and is a subsidiary of the Audi marque and going very well.

The Huracán coupé is doing very well, outperforming the car it replaced in 2014, the Gallardo. The larger Aventador replaced the Murcielago in 2011 and also done better. To me they are so extreme, they are not something I would ever want. However, many do and they certainly make a statement.

Models 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Total 1,227 1,711 2,197 2,122 2,650

Huracán/Gallardo 1,064 1,264 1,221 1,009 1,540

Coupé 817 944 822 729 1,540

Spyder 247 320 399 280 -

Aventador/Murcielago 163 447 976 1,113 1,110

Coupé 145 447 958 710 456

Roadster 18 - 18 403 654

Data source: VW Group.

The biggest issue is to sell enough vehicles to cover costs and savings through working with Audi would certainly help. However, who can survive without an SUV to be successful? Would it affect the marque's image? Well, it hasn't done so for any other luxury car company. In fact Lambo did one years ago, the LM002. It looked like a small Hummer. The new one will be called the Urus, named after the wild ancestor to our modern cattle. That will raise the sales numbers (and no doubt profits) somewhat.

The Urus SUV. Almost a raised hatchback, it's so low

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