20 June 2021

Toyota Top Selling Models (in Japan) : 2020

This is a series looking at all Japanese branded models that exceed 7,000 sales considered brand by brand, this being the first. There are many strong selling domestic models in Japan, as we shall see. 

The top selling list is dominated by the diminutive Kei car class. Kei cars account for over a third of all sales, are exclusively local and there aren't that many of them in terms of choice. That is why they are the biggest selling models. 

Toyota is the unsurprising leader in the country and has nineteen models exceeding the 7k figure. What's of interest is none of them are Kei models. They only have one of such, which accounts for a minuscule 1.5% of total Toyota sales. To achieve so much success means it has to dominate the other two thirds of the regular market. By achieving something like 50% of that it can have that sort of success. 

The Yaris tops the list, even with the Yaris Cross not included in its 130,000 sales. The compact Raize SUV is a new model but already proving extremely popular at 126,000 units sold. The Corolla is always a safe bet for the Big T (118,300 units). 

The Alphard large MPV is also a popular selling model, being luxury oriented, compared to the Vellfire with a sporty emphasis. The latter does make the list but I haven't combined the sales. The Roomy small SUV also is popular as is the more sporty Tank (basically the same as the Roomy). 

Toyota saves on sharing with other brands within the company. The Raize and Roomy/Tank are shared with Daihatsu . for exampleThe new Harrier Model (picture below) is called the Venza in North America is related to the Lexus NX.


  1. I think Toyota don't sell Kei car because they already own Daihatsu.