21 June 2021

Honda & Suzuki Top Selling Models (in Japan) : 2020

This is a series looking at all Japanese branded models that exceed 7,000 sales considered brand by brand and this is #2. There are many strong selling domestic models in Japan, as we shall see. 

The top selling list is dominated by the diminutive Kei car class. Kei cars account for over a third of all sales, are exclusively local and there aren't that many of them in terms of choice. That is why they are the biggest selling models. 

Honda is very much into Kei cars, about half of total sales in Japan. The boxy hatchback N-Box accounts for over a third of sales alone. It does seem too reliant on one model but as long as it delivers it's a valuable part of the range. The N-Wagon is another popular model in the Kei genre. 

As for 'normal' cars the small hatchback Fit (Jazz) and the small MPV Freed (pic above) have a loyal following but the sales for the Civic are surprisingly low. 

Suzuki is known for making small vehicles so 79% of sales Kei cars is what you would expect. 

The boxy hatchback Spacia has the same role for Suzuki what the N-Box does for Honda. The boxy SUV Hustler and tiny Wagon-R hatchback also do very well. Vehicles like this push the brand past companies less reliant on the Kei category. 

The Solio is an upsized Spacia so is a regular model. The Swift small hatchback is modestly popular at 28.000 sales. To take any sales off Toyota is a feat in Japan. The Xbee (pic below) is a small crossover that has only been around since 2018 but sales are looking a little sad after some promise. The models not listed are tiny sellers. 

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