12 October 2021

Croatia Sales : 2021 (Jan-Sep)

Registrations for September were -10% but +32% YTD so better than most markets. In fact, 2020 has already been passed but will be some way off reaching the 2019 total. The '+/-' column below is comparing market share variance for nine months of 2021 with a full 2020. 

VW took 14% of the sales, down a more than a  percentage point and a half from last year. ┼ákoda lost nearly three! Renault, in particular, fell away in sales and lost 3rd spot with a rapidly improving Opel up to third. Opel used to be the top brand here for many years but lost that. It's now on the comeback.

Just further below them, there were some healthy gains in share, evidenced by the proliferation of green. Then a middle group comprising some premium marques lost a bit of ground. 

Data source: Promocija plus.

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