30 January 2021

Australia Top 50 Models : 2020


The Toyota Hilux continues to defy gravity and hold onto the top spot. Its reputation for reliability protects it from other contenders. The Ford Ranger keeps pressing and eventually who knows? Across the Tasman Sea on NZ, the Ranger brought the Hilux to heel several years ago. The RAV4 had a very strong run in 2020 but the Corolla will presumably gradually head south from here as cars become less desirable.


  1. Interesting list again!
    Does Australia have some kind of promotional measures (like chicken tax or VAT benefits) for pick ups?
    I never really understood the fondness for such cars (for personal use), but then again, we might have a different way of life in Europe.

    1. The last comment sums it up about lifestyle. It's the same in NZ too.