30 January 2021

Australia Car/LCV Sales : 2020

MG has taken Australia by storm

For all vehicle registrations, they were +14% in December and -14% for the twelve months. The numbers not looking too bad but a flare-up with Covid-19 could hamper the recovery. The economy has been somewhat depressed for a while now so the sales data has been surprisingly strong. Despite that note of optimism, vehicle sales are the lowest since 2003. 

Toyota is zooming ahead with a share that is hard to believe in an open market. Mazda, Hyundai and Mitsubishi are being left in its wake, with Ford not quite able to keep up. Holden is being wound down and will disappear for the first time in many decades. MG just keeps on getting better along with other Chinese brands. RAM sales have gone really well, not that far behind Jeep. 

Data source: VFACTS.

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