27 May 2020

UK Regional Penetration 2019 : MINI & Volvo

There isn't much in common with the two that are grouped here. The fact they are both above the mainstream brands and sell in similar numbers were the only reasons I had. So are there parallels that can be observed? First up, a heads up.

Below is a chart that has the UK divided into regions (England) and countries that show how these two premium brands are doing. The chart also has a ratio number by which the chart is sorted (1:1000). The higher the ratio, the further up the chart. The three countries each have a different colour and the England divisions are green.

A typical Yorkshire Terrier, playful & energetic

MINI manages a solid 2.8% share of the UK market, 65,000 sales in all. The Welsh and Northern Ireland car buyers are not among the brands greatest supporters, with MINI under 2% penetration in both instances. North England is where the marque is most welcomed (along with the East). Y & H's 4.7% share is impressive. 


Region Sales 1:1000

Yorkshire & Humber 8,757 46.6

East England 8,964 39.9

North West England 8,152 34.6

North East England 1,980 28.8

Scotland 4,754 26.7

South West England 6,989 25.7

London 3,935 24.6

West Midlands 5,361 22.7

South East England 10,416 21.3

East Midlands 3,321 20.2

Wales 1,570 19.6

Northern Ireland 847 16.6

Total 65,046 27.7

Perhaps outside a home somewhere in Yorkshire

Volvo secured 56,7000 registrations in the UK, or 2.4% of the total. It also does very well in Yorkshire, but London as well. It's a marque that enjoys most of its success in England, with the three countries outside its borders less enamoured. Apart from Yorkshire, Northern England isn't a happy hunting ground either.


Region Sales 1:1000

Yorkshire & Humber 11,207 59.7

London 5,622 35.2

East Midlands 4,108 25.0

West Midlands 5,339 22.6

East England 4,822 21.5

South West England 5,714 21.0

South East England 10,096 20.7

Scotland 3,502 19.7

Northern Ireland 848 16.6

North East England 1,108 16.1

Wales 1,265 15.8

North West England 3,091 13.1

Total 56,722 24.2

Data source: DTI.

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