25 November 2019

The Tesla Cyber Truck

Tesla certainly did open up the electric car market while ICE car makers for the most part dawdled. Stories about the CEO Elon Musk paint a picture of a man on a mission. He is also entering into a notoriously challenging industry, where tombstones of brand names abound, for those that are with us no more.

The latest reveal is a pick-up truck. The design reminded me of my doodling as an eight year old boy, dreaming of one day being a car designer. I knew my efforts were amateurish, but no one within Tesla seems to know what a child's sketch looks like. Instead, this ridiculously childish prototype was embarrassingly presented to the world. If that wasn't enough, efforts to show how robust the car was came unstuck when both side windows were broken when hit with a heavy object.

Tesla wants to be a creditable car manufacturer. It's done OK so far but this latest effort to me has set off alarm bells. I wonder if Elon listens to people or that he has such trust in his ability to succeed that he steam rolls along as is nothing can stop him. Another start up is beating him to the market with an electric pick-up truck, which may have prompted this seemingly hastily arranged display.

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