21 November 2019

Aston Martin DBX

A song says everybody wants to rule the world. Well, I don't want to but everybody wants to make at least one SUV. Rolls Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini are already selling them with Ferrari in the process of adding one to their range. Everyone except Mclaren, who want to focus on super sports cars. They probably don't want to rule the world either.

A few years back Aston Martin obtained a large site from the Ministry of Defence in St Athan, Wales which had aeroplane hangars as part of the deal. The hangars have become part of a production facility for the newly released Aston Martin DBX SUV. Wales is about to become the latest country to be a vehicle producer.

Looking at it in pictures it looks the real deal, beautifully styled and really posh. Not the car I'll be putting in my garage anytime soon but I still appreciate well executed design. It won't be a bargain buy but it will help Aston Martin with volume and more importantly the bottom line.

Looks nicely hunkered down

The interior is suitably classy

Meanwhile somewhere in a disused Welsh slate mine...

It can even get down and dirty

Attractive rear end too

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