18 February 2018

Top Tens Europe : 2017 / The Central Six

Windmill in Jalubí, Czechia (Pic source Škoda) 

In the final in the series, we compare markets from the central nations of Europe. Austria has a mix of origins although Germanic ownership is prominent. The Czech Republic (now Czechia), is virtually all Škoda as was expected. Meanwhile Hungary is the most diverse, with local manufacturer Suzuki doing well. Luxembourg and Switzerland are more German than Germany. Finally Slovakia reflects cars made there or nearby as the most popular ones.

Overall, US brands don't do well in this central region, and Japanese models are conspicuous by their absence. The French too are all but non-existent. Otherwise Czechia and Slovakia are similar, as the Swiss and Luxembourgers. Austria is half with those two and the Hungarians as unique.

Austria Czech Rep Hungary
1 VW Golf 1 Škoda Octavia 1 Suzuki Vitara
2 Škoda Octavia 2 Škoda Fabia 2 Škoda Octavia
3 VW Tiguan 3 Škoda Rapid 3 Opel Astra
4 VW Polo 4 Škoda Superb 4 Dacia Duster
5 Škoda Fabia 5 Hyundai i30 5 Suzuki SX4 S-C
6 Hyundai i20 6 VW Golf 6 Ford Focus
7 Seat Ibiza 7 Skoda Kodiaq 7 Ford Kuga
8 Seat Ibiza 8 Dacia Duster 8 Renault Clio
9 Opel Astra 9 VW Passat 9 VW Passat
10 Hyundai Tucson 10 Hyundai ix20 10 Nissan Qashqai

Luxembourg Slovakia Switzerland
1 VW Golf 1 Škoda Octavia 1 Škoda Octavia
2 VW Tiguan 2 Škoda Fabia 2 VW Golf
3 Renault Clio 3 Škoda Rapid 3 VW Tiguan
4 Audi A3 4 Kia Cee'd 4 VW Polo
5 Mercedes GLC 5 VW Golf 5 Mercedes C
6 BMW X1 6 Hyundai i30 6 Mercedes GLC
7 Mercedes C 7 Suzuki Vitara 7 BMW X1
8 VW Polo 8 Hyundai Tucson 8 Audi A3
9 BMW 1-Series  9 Škoda Superb 9 VW Transporter
10 Škoda Octavia 10 Kia Sportage 10 Opel Mokka X

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