30 June 2017

UK Engine Production By Manufacturer : 2015-16

The new JLR engine plant in Wolverhampton, UK

UK engine production is one of the few recent success stories in manufacturing. From the nation that brought the world the industrial revolution that is a sad indictment. Under-investment, poor labour relations, a high currency value and little loyalty from the public all played their part. It suits some manufacturers to make engines in the UK so the numbers aren't bad.

Ford is the main producer, turning to engines after it ceased all car making there. Numbers were down in 2016, but these things are cyclical anyway. It still made just over half of the total.

Nissan and Honda numbers were slightly up but their share was slightly down. BMW and Toyota were up on both counts. JLR has returned to engine manufacturing for the first time since 2005.

This year engines made for cars manufactured locally were up 32%, while those exported dropped 6%. That still means 55% are sent offshore as they are, but that is lower than it has been for some time.

Summary: The value that engine manufacturing brings to a country is less than car assembly. Still, in a nation that has too long neglected its manufacturing history this is a positive. They are not record figures but, rather, solid ones.

The figures below are in thousands, so three zeros need to be added.

Data source: SMMT.

Maker/Yr 2016 2015 +/-

Ford 1,441 1,607 -10.3%

56.6% 67.8%

Nissan 265 251 5.6%

10.4% 10.6%

BMW 257 171 50.3%

10.1% 7.2%

Toyota 240 204 17.6%

9.4% 8.6%

JLR 201 -

7.9% 0.0%

Honda 132 125 5.6%

5.2% 5.3%

Bentley 13 11 18.2%

0.5% 0.5%


Local 1,125 852 32.0%

% 44.2% 36.0%

Export 1,421 1,517 -6.3%

% 55.8% 64.0%

Total 2,546 2,348 8.4%

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