20 May 2013

Cynical Car Makers?

Many car makers in Brazil apparently don't make vehicles that are very crash worthy. Legally they do what is necessary to pass the laws and that is all that matters to some of them. I ask the question "is it cynical" as I wonder who is really responsible.

Are the authorities to blame for not having higher standards? Can the manufacturers be blamed when if made better - hence more expensive - they could lose customers to cheaper, less safe models? Should the consumer find out which ones are safer and then support them? In other words are customers indifferent?

There is an article that analyses the situation that can be found here. It is quite long, but seems well researched. As for whether car makers could do better, I wrote an article (click here) about cars tested in more affluent markets. It doesn't cover many brands and those omitted cannot be judged; but for those mentioned, it's concerning.

Car safety is important. Manufacturers who go beyond what is required by law to protect their customers are to be applauded. For those do the minimum to maximise profit, I'll let you decide.

Also, the driver must  take responsibility to be careful for the safety of all road users. Drive to the conditions.

Check your vehicle keep it well maintained. Make sure each journey is as safe as you can make it.

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