21 October 2012

The Rover 400 1995-99

                 This is one of three articles about the Rover 400/45 model.

The 400 HHR model was a new model based on the Honda Domani, which was apparently sold in Europe as part of the Honda Civic range as a hatchback and estate (wagon). The new 400 model was to be separate from the 200 range. Rover wanted to have more input into the car as it had with the R8, but Honda had different ideas and the Domani was offered pretty much as it was. All I can say is that Rover had better designers when it came to aesthetics than Honda did. Rover did eventually get some input into the 4 door model and was the better for that. It seems Rover wanted a bigger car but had to take what Honda offered. Rover in fact pitched the HHR at a class larger than it was, but the strategy fooled no one. 

Being a model range in its own right, the 400 was produced in larger numbers as a Rover, but without the Honda Concerto variant any more. The production figures below testify to the solid sales of the new range. The 1999 figure does include some production form the 45 model that replaced it. 

Year Prod
1995 68,500
1996 108,900
1997 144,000
1998 145,000
1999 91,400
Total 557,800
Avg 111,600

As for sales by countries, some are listed below:

Year UK Italy France Germ Neder
1995 47,350 ? 2,450 ? 800
1996 63,850 15,600 7,100 ? 1,500
1997 61,900 17,100 7,650 ? 1,650
1998 57,300 10,200 8,300 7,900 2,500
1999 33,350 6,000 5,800 6,150 1,650
Total 263,750 48,875 31,300 14,050 8,100
Avg 52,750 12,225 6,250 7,025 1,620

 This was not the model it should have been. Rover needed something larger, especially the Hatch version, but the company was tied to what Honda offered. Overall quite successful.

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Pics: http://www.netcarshow.com/rover

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