17 February 2011

E-Type Jaguar 50 Years Young

The Jaguar E-Type is 50 years old this year. It was my favourite car when I was a lad. The style was amazing back then, and it still looks good today. Class is like that, it has style that doesn't date. The E-Type is a permanent exhibit in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Enzo Ferrari stated it was “the most beautiful car in the world.” Says it all really.

Production figures I have found at wikipedia.org under Jaguar E-Type are as follows:

Series 1 61-68 38,419
Series 2 69-71 18,809
Series 3 71-75 15,287
E-Type Total 72,515

A fantastic car in every sense, a true classic. I think the XK does a good job of continuing the Jaguar tradition of fine sport cars.

Pics: www.netcarshow.com/jaguar/1971-e-type/

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