05 July 2024

Russia Car/LCV Sales : 2024 (Jan-Jun)

The AEB or the Association of European Business has been the source of sales by brand in Russia. As manufacturers abandoned plants in Russia and importers officially stopped importing, Lada and Chinese brands filled the passenger car void and Russian LCV manufacturers did the same in that segment.

An unusual aspect was that perhaps some sort of black market emerged where cars were still entering the country of brands that had officially left. They weren't broken down into marques but the numbers were not unsubstantial. 

Now the AEB is only reporting the top ten LCV sales by model, which are Russian brands. They also let us know that 703,765 car / LCV sales were sold for the six months of the year. 50,862 were unofficial imports through "alternative supply channels" for a total of 754,627. 

Why are sales of even official imports by brand no longer given? Well, they were all from Chinese manufacturers who maybe didn't want to be seen as selling cars in Russia. I'm speculating there but I can't think of another reason. 

So what we do know is that the best selling LCV in Russia is the GAZ Gazelle with 3,618 units sold, down from 3,923 in 2023. The UAZ Classic Commercial registered 1,228 units (1,211), the GAZ Sobol (1,009, up from 693) was next and so it goes down from there. Riveting stuff.  I can't see the point of future reports about Russia unless the data improves or an interesting development takes place. 

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