10 July 2024

Israel Car/LCV Sales : 2024 (Jan-Jun)

With registrations down 11% YTD, things are holding up well despite the troubles in the region. Hyundai became the best selling brand in 2011, supplanting long time favourite Mazda. Since then Hyundai has held that spot bar one year when Kia took it. Half way through 2024 and Toyota is leading but the difference is tiny so anything could happen yet. 

The top three have all lost some share of the pie, but ┼ákoda and BYD have closed the sizable gap above them to a degree. MG is moving up nicely as are SEAT and Renault. New entrants are arriving, making the number of brands vying for sales almost bewildering.   

The best selling models are the BYD Atto with 7,264 units, the Škoda Octavia (5,283), Hyundai Elantra (4,419), Kia Picanto (3,088) and the Kia Niro Plus (2,869).

Data source of the list below: Israel Vehicle Importers Association.

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