01 February 2024

JLR Sales By Plant : 2022-23

JLR doesn't have a large number of assembly plants yet it has more than many might expect considering its size. The data below is retail sales attributed back to the factory of origin as best as I can do so. Volume was up 27% which was really positive. 

Data source: JLR data as a basis.

Plants: Solihull c. Birmingham in the English Midlands is the largest producer of vehicles, mostly Land Rover. Nitra is in the west of Slovakia and is increasingly an important cog in the manufacturing structure of JLR. Only LR vehicles are made here. 

Changshu in China is near Shanghai and the operation is in conjunction with Chery. Just over 50,000 units were assembled there in 2023 but with the capacity to expand if need be. Halewood, c. Liverpool in the NW of England is being repurposed as a fully electric vehicle producing plant which will be disruptive to production in the short term I would imagine.

Of the others, Magna Steyr Graz makes cars under contract for Jaguar, Castle Bromwich will soon no longer be used to assemble Jaguars but will be used for body panel pressing and possibly other roles too. Finally the Brazilian plant in Itatiaia, located in the state of Rio de Janiero. It was an interesting option to assemble and the numbers are below where I thought they would be.

Summary: A broad range of plants in fairly well scattered locations is currently being used for a smaller volume car maker. The numbers were up nicely in 2023. 

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