06 November 2023

Europe Passenger Car Sales : 2023 (Jan-Sep)

What constitutes Europe varies slightly by source, so comparing doesn't bring identical results. For September registrations were up 16% and +17% for the first nine months. The 'Diff' column shows market share change, comparing three quarters of 2023 with a full 2022. So brands showing smaller minus results were up in volume. 

Over the last few years, VW has retained its top spot but with a gradually reducing market share. Audi is working hard in increasing its slice of the pie but Mercedes and BMW have decided to pull back on volume. A stated intention by them that looks like it's being carried out. Tesla and MG are both on dramatic improvement.

Honda and Mitsubishi both look like they're winding down in Europe. Electric cars may be about to slow as well with VW cutting production temporarily during this year. Manipulating the market only goes so far if the product doesn't fit most people's needs.

Data source: Jato Dynamics. 

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