12 January 2022

Ssangyong Global Model Sales : 2021

Ssangyong has always been very open with its sales figures, even when they haven't been flattering. A stance others could embrace. The problem with the company is it cannot seem to establish itself as a successful company. It doesn't help that the Hyundai Group has a stranglehold on the local market. It, therefore, has to rely heavily on exports and they swing like a pendulum. 

For the year 2021, worldwide sales were -21%, with none of the models managing to reach positive territory. Well, the E100 did technically but it is an electric Korando so combined another strike out for increases. 

The range is limited but it does operate in segments that are increasing so that should have been a help. Exporting an average of just 2,350 units per month this year isn't going to save the brand. Neither the fact that when exports go up, domestic sales fall and vise versa. 

The current majority shareholder Mahindra has recently sold the company to Edison Motors. EM is a Korean company that started in 2015. It makes electric buses and is working on electric trucks. In the future, it will be able to add electric SUVs and pickup trucks to its portfolio as the expected fossil fuel to electric transition takes place. 

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