15 February 2021

NZ Light Vehicle Top 25 Model Sales : 2020

                    A pickup truck and a boat. What more could a Kiwi want?

Sales data by the model in NZ is rarer than hen's teeth. I assume the agencies involved with collating the data make a financial return on it so one can't grumble if that is the case. I cobbled this together as best I could. 

The love affair with the pickup truck continues as with SUVs/CUVs. The Ford Ranger remains comfortably on top, something that sticks in the craw of Toyota. They have veiled digs at Ford being a one-vehicle brand, which it is basically. 

Another point of note is that with the Covid-19 disruption, the large number of tourists that grace these shores have suddenly evaporated. That has impacted on rental car sales, something Toyota dominated with the likes of the Corolla. That model dropped 62% in registrations. Ouch! 

The once-popular Holden brand has all but gone, but the successful Colorado pick up still managed 2,500 sales in its runout year. The brand won't be seen on any top model sales list again. 

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