28 January 2021

Colombia Vehicle Sales : 2020

After this journey, a duster will definitely be needed

This data includes passenger cars, SUVs, pick-ups and taxis. Registrations were down 30.8%, which wasn't too flash but these are unusual times. It has protection to encourage local manufacturing, which is understandable as opposed to some economically successful pro-export / anti-import Asian countries but I digress. 

Below green relates to a sales increase, pale blue a market share gain and yellow a below-par performance. Renault holds a generous lead with about a quarter of the market. GM follows on 17% then Mazda back on 10%. The rest are in single-digit territory. As you scrutinise the list below, you will see the Oransh brand. If you wonder what that is, you won't be alone. It is a local electric car and how it progresses will be interesting.

Data source: Andimos.

I cannot endorse the parking on display here

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