13 May 2018

Lynk & Co vs Lincoln

My wife doesn't have much interest in cars, unless it's a nice colour. So I decided to tell her about the new Lynk & Co brand and how it sounds similar to Lincoln. Because Lincoln isn't a brand sold in NZ, I was going to have to give an explanation to make it clear.

I started off by saying "There is a new brand out called Lynk & Co..." Before I could say anymore see said "Don't you mean Lincoln?" I didn't even know she knew the brand but see immediately she said that it was confusing to have them sound so similar.

Apparently Ford wasn't happy either. However, while making some noise about it a while back, I've heard nothing more and the brand name is still being bandied about by owner Geely. I know you would never get a Chinese court to ever rule in your favour over something like this but it is going to be used internationally. Perhaps it's not worth ruffling Chinese feathers over it.

The premium market is a tough market to crack if you haven't got an established and reputable name. Going in with a name that sounds similar may be seen as a way round that problem. However, taking sales off other brands that are already successful won't be easy. Because  it's being done without regard for an already established name, I'm hoping it will be the flop. In my opinion, it deserves nothing less.

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