30 November 2015

Italy Car Sales Fiat vs The Rest : 1955-59

The Fiat 1100 came out in 1953 and an attractive car for its day.

I managed to find sales figures for Fiat from way back in the mists of time. Well, the late 50's at least. The Italian market was protected from imports and the Fiat brand reigned supreme. In 1955 it held a staggering 92% of the total sales! I suppose the locals were just happy to afford a car at all after the ravages of war in the 1940's.

Europe was on the up in the late 1950's and things were getting back to normal. Sales in 1950 had been just under 80,000 cars and by 1955, that had over doubled. Another 80,000 sales were added in the next four years too, but even greater growth took place in the 1960's as a future article will reveal.

3.9 million of the Nuova 500 (1957-75) were made
Fiat was growing nicely  in this time but not at the pace of the market. It would be impossible to maintain that sort of share, but by 1959 holding about 80% was still huge. Only having one major brand in the country was the reason, coupled with stiff import duties.

Year Fiat Rest Total % Fiat

1955 148,400 13,500 161,900 91.7%

1956 183,900 18,500 202,400 90.9%

1957 169,300 26,200 195,500 86.6%

1958 169,500 39,700 209,200 81.0%

1959 201,700 51,600 253,300 79.6%

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