27 November 2014

Beautiful Women And Cars - Why?

When you see pictures of cars, often beautiful women are there as well. At car shows, women models adorn all the cars. Why is that the case? Sometimes it is hard to see the car! I have a couple of theories.

1) When a woman goes out for an evening in a nice dress, she wears beautiful jewellery that adds a great deal to her appearance. The sparkling accessories draw your eyes to her. Likewise, a beautiful model adds appeal to the shiny car at the motor show. That would be an obvious connection.

2) A more subtle reason is that studies show that women are more attracted to men who drive nice cars. Monetary success adds to a man's appeal to the fairer sex. So having an attractive model next to the car suggests that women will be drawn to a man who owns it. Beautiful women are to be associated with this car.

Whatever the reasons, there is a connection between women and cars. (As we know of course, no car can match a woman for beauty). We also know that classy cars - and the sort of woman that is attracted to the owner of such - can prove to be very expensive.

1 comment:

  1. Spot on RayCee. There is of course the downside for both sexes in knowing that they are not attracted to each other for their personalities...;-)