22 November 2013

Top 10 Models/Brands Denmark: 1987

The Ford Sierra was 5th in 1987...

In October 2013, all of the top ten car models sold in Denmark are very small, or tiny. I wondered if it is the very high cost of ownership that causes this. Is it because of  environmental concerns? Northern Europeans do seem to like bigger cars than other parts of Europe, so why are such small vehicles so popular in Denmark? I found car sales for 1987 and thought that may provide an answer.

By Model Sales

By Make Sales

1 Toyota Corolla 7,491
1 Opel 17,969

2 Opel Kadet 6,951
2 Toyota 14,808

3 Mazda 626 5,174
3 Ford 13,861

4 Ford Escort 4,592
4 Mazda 11,543

5 Ford Sierra 3,924
5 VW 8,239

6 Mazda 323 3,820
6 Citroen 7,804

7 VW Golf 3,164
7 Fiat 7,060

8 Fiat Uno 2,882
8 Nissan 6,371

9 Citroen BX 2,865
9 Peugeot 5,905

10 Peugeot 405 2,683
10 Volvo 4,429

Total 124,097

I noticed there is only one small car listed back then, the Fiat Uno. Some are quite large such as the 626, Sierra and 405. So Danes did used to buy larger cars than they do now. Certainly the environment is more important now than '87, but I think that the cost is perhaps the main factor in the move to small.

As for differences in brand sales, VW is now up to 1st from 5th back then. Ford and Toyota have swapped places, while Peugeot is up from 9th to 4th. Skoda have entered the top ten (now 5th), Citroen are placed the same (6th), and Kia are new in (7th). Renault are now 8th, Hyundai 9th, and Opel have fallen from 1st to 10th. Mazda (now 19th), Fiat (12th), Nissan (11th) and Volvo (21st) are currently off the top ten list.

Summary: Nothing stays the same and just as the size of cars sold in Denmark has reduced greatly, so too the ranking of models is quite different. 

...while the Peugeot 405 was 10th.

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