08 January 2013

Car Sales Nissan UK By Model: 2009-12

Nissan release data of sales by model for the UK market. I have to say the openness is refreshing, and a credit to Nissan UK. If only other car makers were this open. Let's face it, the competition know what Nissan is selling if they are doing their job well, and visa versa. As to why some companies are so secretive is pointless and worse, they are missing uot on a chance to promote thier business.

I will start by promoting the excellent job Nissan are doing in the UK. Looking at the chart below, you can see how Nissan are growing each year and gaining market share. They make excellent vehicles both in design and reliability. The UK public are realising this and supporting the brand more and more.

The Qashqai (Dualis for Aussie readers) just keeps getting stronger as more people are aware of what it has to offer. The new Juke may have looks you like or don't nevertheless is increasing strongly. The Note is a practical car which came to NZ only as a used import from Japan (I don't know why it wasn't sold new like the other two mentioned so far) but coming to the end of its model cycle.

Model 2012 2011 2010 2009
Qashqai 45,662 39,406 39,048 30,554
Juke 28,858 21,900 5,389 -
Note 12,931 13,460 16,643 18,176
Micra 12,527 14,053 18,723 19,421
Pixo 2,073 2,476 5,031 4,738
X Trail 1,788 2,275 1,580 2,212
Leaf 699 635 - -
Pathfinder 459 731 617 903
N200 Combi 360 421 279 1
GT-R 272 353 449 1,051
Z 158 420 818 497
Total 105,816 96,269 89,678 77,924

Well done Nissan for your fine sales achievements in the UK and being open with your sales data. May others follow. A selection of models are below....

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Juke

Nissan Note

Nissan GTR

Picture source: Thanks to www.netcarshow.com

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