01 June 2011

Special BMW Car Polish

Someone once said that people will buy anything with a BMW badge on it. I suppose that provers that the company has managed its brand very well. That means they sell better than they should, even models not that well executed. The above 1-Series is a classic case of that. While a good drive, it was also impractical, as the rear seating and boot area were very cramped. While some may not worry on that score, many who bought it probably did need those features, but the badge mesmerised them. As for looks, I saw it as fairly ugly. I believe one motoring scribe likened it to looking like a van. Again, badgeophiles would not even notice (I just created a new word).

Some say that if you stuck a BMW badge on a turd, it would sell. A turd is a piece of dung, something unpleasant or contemptible. Now I'm not saying BMWs are bad, but below is pictured a new product for BMW owners. I'm sure it will sell well, even more so if sold at authorised dealer showrooms.

To sum up: A must have for all those enamoured by the blue and white logo, especially for 1 Series and X6 drivers. Of course, choose the matching colour polish.

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