16 November 2018

New Style Dealership (NZ)

In New Zealand car dealerships have an interior area where a few new cars are displayed. Outside the yard is full of more new cars and second hand ones. There is no parking on site and often none on the street in front. If you want to go there, a parking space has to be found nearby.

This new dealership in Auckland, NZ has a unique look about it (see below). It's located at a premises that could be a furniture shop or similar. Convenient parking is plentiful outside the door and there are no vehicles for sale outside.

The customers are viewed as guests, who are welcome to walk around in a relaxed atmosphere. The air conditioned showroom can accommodate as many as 40 vehicles indoors with ample space to wander around them (as you can observe below).

The service centre area is New Zealand's largest, with 20 hoists and all the technical gismos that go along with modern car diagnostics.

As someone who has always felt that such a major purchase as a car isn't made as convenient and inviting an experience as it should be, this is the sort of dealership that I'd warm to. Dealers in smaller towns could do similar but on a more modest scale.

10 November 2018

Mclaren Sales (Nation) : 2017

Not an experience many will have

This is s company on the up, making fantastic drivers cars for those who want and can afford this sort of thing. For most of us, even sitting in one is something we will never do, let alone take one for a spin. Mind you, if I did take one out for a drive, it could end up being spun at some point.

The big disappointment is that 21% or 1 in 5 sales are missing from the chart. Germany for example isn't even there but we can do something about that! Europe is quoted as 892 sales for the 2017 year and if you take away the other European sales below, that leaves 201 units. Germany would take by the far the majority of those sales, I would assume.

The Mclaren racing team was founded in 1963 by a New Zealander, Bruce Mclaren. These cars therefore bear his name and the marque does very well in this tiny country, with 1% of all sales. The cars the company make do his memory proud.

The US figure is an estimate (not by me) and clearly a market that has embraced the Mclaren supercar. Add the UK and there are half the marque's sales. It's a relatively new company so that percentage should drop as time passes and the marque establishes its reputation, a local customer base and the dealer network expands. However, the company has no plans for an SUV. It's not what they do and that's a bold stand to take.

The colours below represent regions, pale blue Europe, dark blue Americas, yellow Asia/Pacific and orange the Middle East.

Rk Nation 2017 %

1 USA 1,110 33.2%

2 UK 567 17.0%

3 China 228 6.8%

4 Japan 164 4.9%

5 Canada 124 3.7%

6 Australia 116 3.5%

7 UAE 96 2.9%

8 Switzerland 67 2.0%

9 Taiwan 42 1.3%

10 NZ 33 1.0%

11 France 26 0.8%

12 Saudi Arabia 18 0.5%

13 Belgium 13 0.4%

14 Singapore 10 0.3%

15 Luxembourg 5 0.1%

16 Spain 4 0.1%

17 Czec Rep 2 0.1%

17 Poland 2 0.1%

17 Austria 2 0.1%

17 Lebanon 2 0.1%

21 Norway 1

21 Estonia 1

21 Finland 1

Others 706 21.1%

Total 3,340

09 November 2018

Lotus Sales (Nation) : 2017

I have compiled a list of some national sales for the Lotus sports car brand in 2017. It's by no means comprehensive with 15% not accounted for, but gives an idea of where they sell best. The US figure is an estimate. If anyone can add to, please let me know and I will amend the list.

Production was up 13.8% over 2016 as the total figure seen on the chart below is for global production. The rest of the data is for sales. The home market is unsurprisingly where most sell but not by that wide a margin. There is room for growth in virtually all markets. One country that seems to be achieving a exceptionally strong sales volume is Australia, so that may be one instance where registrations are at their maximum level.

Owners Geely want to take the marque to a higher level of sales, something essential to make car manufacturing profitable. Eventually an SUV will come along which will help with the bottom line. It has to happen.

The colours below represent regions, pale blue Europe, dark blue Americas, yellow Asia/Pacific and orange the Middle East.

Rk Nation 2017 %

1 UK 279 19.4%

2 Germany 199 13.9%

3 Japan 172 12.0%

4 France 162 11.3%

5 Switzerland 90 6.3%

6 Italy 75 5.2%

7 Australia 62 4.3%

8 USA 60 4.2%

9 Belgium 27 1.9%

10 Luxembourg 22 1.5%

10 Korea 22 1.5%

12 Sweden 11 0.8%

13 Taiwan 7 0.5%

13 Czech Rep 7 0.5%

15 Austria 6 0.4%

16 Poland 4 0.3%

17 Spain 3 0.2%

17 NZ 3 0.2%

17 Lebanon 3 0.2%

20 Netherlands 2 0.1%

21 Singapore 1 0.1%

21 Denmark 1 0.1%

21 Slovenia 1 0.1%

Others 217

Total 1,436 13.8%