23 March 2020

Challenging Times

I didn’t really want to mention COVID-19 as it is dominating everything around us. The fact remains it is massively affecting our lives and of course the car industry. Many plants have closed, affecting the workers but also suppliers and filtering down into communities.

Then of course the most important part of all of this is the people and families affected by the virus itself. For those losing loved ones, it will be a very sad time. Pestilence has stalked mankind for millennia and some were catastrophic. Hopefully measures being taken will minimise the effect of this one.

Authorities need people to follow directions closely as these are designed to protect us and Those around us. In addition show kindness and respect to others by not panic buying or hoarding. Be kind, be safe, be cooperative.

For all who have come and enjoyed the site in the past, it will remain open so you can continue to enjoy what Is here. It will always be commerce free zone, something all too rare in this world. All the best and condolences to anyone who has lost someone close to them.

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