01 April 2018

World Car Design Award : 2018

The World Car Awards are held at the New York International Auto Show and there are six awards – World Car Design, World Green Car, World Urban Car, World Luxury Car, World Performance Car and the overall World Car of the Year award. They're judged by a motoring journalists from across the world.

I'm picking up on one award, the World Car Design of the Year. The winner in 2018 is the Range Rover Velar. The reason for my taking note of this isn't the 2018 win alone but rather the Velar is the fourth Jaguar Land Rover win in this category in seven years. The Jaguar F-Type, Range Rover Evoque, and Jaguar F-Pace have taken out this category in the recent years prior to this one.

I love beauty, and to win this award, the design has to be good. To do it four times in a row, there is something special going on. I don't want to look in my driveway and see an ugly car, but then console myself with "it's well engineered" or "it's so reliable". I want to admire it's appearance as well. JLR have got some great designers who understand that a car can be capable and look good doing it.

World Car Design History:

2006: Citroën C4
2007: Audi TT
2008: Audi R8
2009: Fiat 500
2010: Chevrolet Camaro
2011: Aston Martin Rapide
2012: Range Rover Evoque
2013: Jaguar F-Type
2014: BMW i3
2015: Citroën C4 Cactus
2016: Mazda MX-5
2017: Jaguar F-Pace
2018: Range Rover Velar.

By company:

4 wins: JLR
2 wins: PSA, VW Group
1 win: FCA, GM, Aston Martin, BMW Group, Mazda

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