26 April 2018

Rolls Royce Global Model Sales : 2016-17

I wasn't expecting the fall in sales that RR experienced in 2017. It would be easy to say it's a disaster but the truth is RR has grown very quickly in recent years and this is still one of its best years in its history. That said, why did it happen? The official reason is: "In the ultra-luxury segment, Rolls-Royce was unable to match the previous yearʼs strong result. With the Phantom model changeover and in a difficult environment, sales decreased by around 16 percent to 3,362 vehicles". 

The word Phantom means in part an illusion,
but this large, imposing car is anything but.

Things will improve with the next Phantom model arriving early 2018 and at the end of the year the all new Cullinan SUV. However, the number of customers at this rarefied altitude isn't huge so getting it right is very important (just ask Mercedes-Benz about Maybach). A famous brand in itself isn't enough, even one as special as RR. So models such as the Cullinan have to be done well and I have no reason to doubt that.

Rolls Royce
15 16 17 Model 2017 % +/-
2016 % +/-
1 1 1 Wraith/Dawn 2,029 60.4% -17%
2,447 61.0% 45%
2 2 2 Ghost 1,098 32.7% -7%
1,175 29.3% -27%
3 3 3 Phantom 235 7.0% -40%
389 9.7% -20%

Total 3,362

Data source: BMW Group.

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