06 March 2018

The Car Industry Supertanker

The car industry has to plan years ahead because the process of bringing a car to market is complex. Just ask Tesla, who are presently struggling with producing its 3 model. However, change is part of any business and for the most part the industry has driven that change. However, some approaching adjustments are externally driven.

Keep your eyes on the road mate

Infotainment: This is an industry driven initiative to get an advantage over competitors and satisfy a consumer demand. I don't like this as it can distract the driver, who is there to...wait for it...drive. Surely buttons are better than going through an iPad like touch screen. Emergency breaking and lane departure warning is more complication added to try sort that out this distraction.

If safety is paramount, then the drivers mind should be alert to what's happening on the road around him. Supertanker off course.

Emissions: Targets are being set for reduction in the pollution levels for vehicles. Moving to alternative fuels is an issue being addressed with hybrid and full electric propulsion. It's going reasonably well with some tardiness. The supertanker hasn't reacted quick enough with this one.

Market forces: Some are related to political decisions and it's inevitable that discussions with governments will happen on this to minimise disruption. Going public in warning governments of imminent catastrophe unless they pander to the industry's needs is unbelievably arrogant. It's like a child throwing its toys out of the cot when it doesn't get its way.

The industry needs to show some dignity and backbone wouldn't go amiss either. Working around new scenarios is what competent business does. Car industry leaders need to stop pouting or threatening and prove they are worth their exorbitant remuneration. Supertankers can change direction so no need for industry captains to throw a tantrum on the bridge.

Simplicity: Cars reached their peak about ten to fifteen years ago, in my opinion. Some more recent developments have improved things but many changes have added complication and cost. The car today is looking increasingly bloated. I drive a car to get from a to b and I accept the time taken is the price paid to do just that. I don’t try to multitask while driving so I appreciate a lower tech car that’s reliable and does what it's supposed to do simply.

For those who want to have constant contact with others in case a message has come in should try public transport. A car is for undistracted driving. If someone wants to communicate with you, please get off the road and handle it there.

A self-driving car sharing pod of the future?

Autonomous cars: This is a very costly and complicated curve ball thrown at the industry. It seems to have come from tech companies and the car industry doesn't want to get left out of this development. So many claims were initially made of how soon it would happen but the complexity is now making predictions more cautious.

It will come but how far it can go is an unknown quantity. Human accidents are due mainly to no ongoing training, overconfidence, distraction, impatience and substance abuse of some sort. Autonomous cars can eliminate those but there are scenarios that computers may never come to grips with.

Will self driving cars lead to car sharing, the end of car ownership and brand differentiation with the car turning into nothing more than an appliance? The supertanker heads into uncharted waters.

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