23 February 2018

The Extroverted Honda Civic Type-R

Are you the sort of person who likes to be noticed driving? Does the word 'extrovert' sum you up nicely. Do you enjoy driving a car that excites but is livable as a daily commute? Well, here is your car.

For some, the look is too 'out there'. Fair enough, as I'm that sort so I understand. I like the understated look. Most seem to criticise the excess of the 10th generation Civic Type-R's styling. Yet I feel this is going to be a classic. It's by all accounts a very good car. When they stop making them, they will be sort after.

To show how good the car is, it won the New Zealand Autocar 2017 Car of the Year award. I found that a car like this winning such an award surprising as it is a niche product, sold in NZ in modest numbers. Yet being as practical as it is makes it a perfect fit for this accolade.

Pics. Sunday Times - Driving.

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