21 February 2018

February 2018 News

Volkswagen. VW's effort to improve accountability has not impressed its workers. Almost two thirds of staff see no improvement in VW's corporate culture, despite the time that has passed since the diesel emissions scandal broke out. The labour survey included more than 51,000 workers.

The group human resources boss responsible for the change in culture at VW said it takes time and everyone's help to bring about this about. I agree such things take time but the main driving force for change has to come from the top. It also involves not just changing, but people seeing the change.

Toyota. It took over from GM a few years ago as the biggest vehicle manufacturer. Then Toyota pulled back as it realised chasing the top spot had caused it to take its eye off its core philosophy, reliability. It held back on volume to sort this out. I get the impression it is now happy with where it is and will drive the volume in 2018. I can't see any car company stopping Toyota pulling away into a clear lead.

Cars. I have put a lot of time in collating and sharing information with you all. My interest in cars came as a child with a sizable collection of Dinky cars, and to a lesser extent Matchbox cars. Unfortunately, I no longer have them but the interest remains. That along with a love of statistics and the Internet allowing access to the data came together in this blog.

There are no adverts and it is a commercial free zone as stated before. 98% of the comments posted here are from people trying to promote their business, all of which get removed asap. This is purely a labour of love and I am not connected with the industry so I am the piper and I play my own tune.

I also drive a 13 year old car. I bought it new and it has had not one mechanical problem. I have often toyed with the idea of buying something new to replace it but it doesn't need to be moved on. I've looked at used cars and for what I'd have to outlay, what I've got is far better value to keep. It's doing the job very well. So I'm not a materialist, always wanting something new. Regularly changing cars is a sure way to burn through money.

It Stinks. Ships carrying used cars to New Zealand have been found to have the brown marmorated stink bug on board. If it finds its way into the country, it could cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to the New Zealand economy. Threatened foods included apples, kiwifruit, corn, tomatoes, cherries and wheat. Three car carrier ships have been ordered out of New Zealand waters and another vessel voluntarily diverted.

This bug has apparently made it into America and Europe. It is quite resistant to insecticide. It's going to cost someone to fix it so a better check system before they departed may be more cost effective.

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