12 January 2018

JLR Sales By Region : 2017

JLR is emerging as a major player in the premium segment

JLR sales hit another record, exceeding 600,000 for the first time ever. This is getting the company into mid-sized territory for a premium car maker. 2018 will have its challenges, not the least of them is the contraction of JLR's local market. Mind you, exports are the main source of volume so that thankfully mitigates the situation.

A regular reader and commenter Grunt had this to say about my prediction that JLR would break the 600k barrier, but not by that much: Threefold increase over 7 years... mighty impressive! I would expect 2017 to see a sharper increase, with not only a full year of sales of the F-Pace, but also the introduction of the new Discovery, the mid-size Range Rover and the smaller Jaguar E-Pace. The expansion of the Ingenium engine range should also boost sales. I would suspect JLR aims for closer to 700K sales.

My reply: Hello Grunt. I am expecting a slower growth for 2017 but you see the reverse. It will be interesting to see how things pan out. I hope I'm wrong.

I don't always get my predictions correct but in this instance my observing the company has led to an accurate assessment. Sales just got past 600,000 with a 6% increase. Clearly Grunt has a good knowledge of JLR by his comment. I must also concede that the switch in models for the Discovery caused a sales drop I didn't envisage. In that sense to some degree I got lucky. The Discovery Sport held up better than I imagined so between those two factors, I came up trumps.

Whatever, Jaguar's share of JLR has gone as follows over the past three years 17.2%, 25.5% and 28.8%. It will certainly fall back a bit percentage-wise in 2018. 650k would be a minimum JLR should be aiming at in 2018. What do you think Grunt? Come to think of it he hasn't commented lately. I hope he still visits and in future comments, as they are well worth reading.

Region 2017 Share 2016 Share +/-

Europe 256,391 41% 256,266 44% 0%

China 146,399 24% 120,259 21% 22%

North America 128,097 21% 117,269 20% 9%

Rest of  World 90,222 14% 90,187 15% 0%

Total 621,109

Data source: Tata.

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