01 September 2017

Belgium Car Production By Make: 2016

Car production has been a major industry in this small nation, but today it is limited. I have data going back to 1970 and 2016 was the lowest figure in that time. Much car manufacturing has headed to the eastern side of the continent.

There is now two brands involved in cars and three for commercial vehicles. The total slipped below 400,000 units and as to where it will go from here I don't know. The current situation may have stablised or things could even improve as Volvo may be requiring more volume from the plant. Volvo produces the XC60, V40 and S60 whereas Audi just the A1 model. Total cars: 354,000.

Belgium is a major producer of Volvo trucks, as well as two small firms. Van Hool is a bus manufacturer and Truco which I know nothing about. Any ideas? Total CVs: 45,400.

Car Production

Volvo 248,751 70.3 -1%

Audi 105,252 29.7 -9%

Total 354,003

CV Production

Volvo 44,758 98.5 14%

Van Hool 543 1.2 -30%

Truco 123 0.3 31%

Total 45,424


Gr Total 399,427

Data source: FEBIAC.

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