29 July 2017

Dirty Diesel

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your VW Group dealer, it has been revealed that the Porsche Cayenne 3 litre diesel engine is spewing out much more noxious gas than the public was led to believe. Something like 22,000 are being recalled in Europe due to a cheating mechanism. Porsche said it was taking full responsibility. Nice. The VW Touareg with the same engine is now suspected of also being an offender, although that is yet to be confirmed.

A recent article I wrote mentioned that Mercedes Benz and Audi were recalling huge numbers of vehicles for software upgrades. It appears that BMW is now doing the same. The claim is it is to bring older cars up to speed with the latest technology. Clearly, there is concern that whether cheating devices are fitted or not, German premium car makers are trying to improve their environmentally unfriendly image.

Countries such as the UK and France are putting timetables in place for the end of fossil fuel vehicle sales. Germany hasn't and it makes you wonder how much power the car industry has in that country. An election looms so the need to allay fears. These recalls for software updates may ease pressure on a German government that is doing nothing.

In summary, companies that are purely focused on making money - and therefore by default lack moral integrity - will always end up paying for their greed at some stage. The public pay a price as well. People die due to pollution. Vehicles pollute. It's all very well fixing things up but why do things always need fixing? The diesel engine has been tinkered around with long enough to still be the polluter that it is.

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