17 June 2017

Class Action

Cars pollute. We cannot get around that and in big cities, that is a huge problem. Around the world people die by the thousands every year from breathing in dirty air. Diesel engines are particularly bad but are fuel efficient, making them popular with buyers. In many European nations, the cost of ownership varies according to how much in the way of noxious gases it spews out.

Step up VW,  a company that decided to beat the rules with a cheat device. People bought their cars because they seem environmentally friendlier. Less tax was charged on those vehicles by governments because of that. So what are the consequences?

1) People didn't get what they thought they were getting.

2) Insufficient tax was paid on the cars.

3) People were exposed to more pollution than they would have been otherwise, as sales of these cars would have been lower without the cheating device. We cannot be certain how many lives have been lost because of it.

What has been done about it?

1) In the US, VW has been forced to compensate.

2) In Korea, sales of VW and Audi cars have been stopped.

3) In Europe, VW has been let off the hook by yellow bellied politicians. However, a class action suit has been launched by many thousands of disgruntled owners. VW is confident of winning any lawsuit, its arrogance oozing out of every pore of the company. Apparently European law is weak when it comes to consumer protection.

4) European consumers continue to buy VW cars. Why would you want to trade with a company with the ethics that VW has? I don't deal with companies that behave like this.

After the scandal broke one person involved in the industry said when he heard it was VW who were responsible, he wasn't surprised such was the culture of the company. Has anything changed? A desire - or a lack of desire - to put things right is a good indicator. They say that people get the government they deserve. By continuing to support a company that won't offer compensation to understandably disgruntled customers, the consumers get the product they deserve.

PS. I'm not trying to fix this world, it's beyond that. I just hate to see how humans behave. Money changes how people think, it changes their values and makes those smitten by it incredibly selfish.

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