18 April 2017

Lamborghini Production By Model : 2016

I have to say I don't really have much interest in the marque. It screams 'excess' to me. That said, they sell in numbers that show that is what some people want and can afford to indulge that wish. 3,579 were made in 2016, down 3.5% on 2015's 3,707. With competitors such as Ferrari and Mclaren, the small super sports car market is tight and new models constantly required to keep the range fresh and appealing.

Of the two models Lamborghini have, the Huracán accounts for 68% of volume with 2,400 made (Coupé 1,300 and Roadster 1,100). The Aventador makes up the balance with 1,160 (Coupé 590 and Roadster 570).

The Lamborghini Urus SUV is finally about to surface. It's been dangled out there for some time and capacity at the plant is now ready to handle the volume required. I read somewhere about 3,500 units per annum is the target figure, with the two cars matching that.

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