21 March 2017

LDV New Zealand

LDV commercial vehicles has a colourful history. They were part of BL many moons ago, hence the (L)eyland. Later it was owned by (D)AF, therefore the LDV name. In 1993 it became an independent operation and eventually became owned by SAIC in China in 2010 after some turbulent times leading up to that final acquisition. Production was moved from the UK to China.

Things now seem to be on the up with LDV. In New Zealand it is going exceptionally well, the brand name remembered for its association with the NZ ambulance service some years ago. Popular vans  by Toyota, Ford and Hyundai may not have seen LDV as a huge threat but they will be now. NZ has the highest percentage CV penetration for the brand anywhere in the world

They arrived in NZ late 2013 with 45 sold. In 2014 nearly 400 and 2015 close to 500. Over 1,000 were registered in 2016. There are 17 dealers which also sell the SsangYong brand, which is a nice fit with their range. The range consists of four vans, a cab chassis, two mini buses and a large MPV. A range of pick up trucks will be added mid-year and as this is a very popular vehicle in NZ, it will do well.

When China started building vehicles, I expected cheap cars to flood in. A few dipped their toes in the water but they didn't succeed. Light commercial vehicles seem to have much more potential. I don't recommend Chinese brand cars due to their crash safety ratings but the CVs seem to be much more sorted than the cars.

Picture source: LDV NZ.
Text source: RayCee.

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