10 November 2016

Reality Check

Reality checks come in various ways. I haven't written an article here for over a month and yet viewer numbers have not gone down, in fact they are up! I really didn't see that coming and perhaps a reminder I did some things worth reading. Or perhaps I say it best when I say nothing at all.

The other reality check is there are people out there who do know what they are talking about. The obvious reality is few of them - if any - work in the media. Another given is that businesses are self serving and jump at any opportunity to make a dollar or save face when their substandard management is exposed. My last piece expressed that quite clearly. I resisted getting into government meddling in industry, but we all know the disastrous consequences of that anyway.

I digress. The point was there are people who know their onions so to speak, but are rarely sought out by the media (I guess ignorance is bliss). When finally their comments see the light of day, reality is reestablished.

I've commented about the unfounded hysteria of those who berated Brexit and the irrational claims of doom for civilisation as we know it. Well someone decided to interview Professor Garel Rhys, who seems to know more than most.

I didn't comment initially as I am apolitical, and Brexit is very much a political issue, but I see the social side and that is my focus. So what were his comments?

1) That UK car manufacturing isn't going anywhere because of Brexit.

2) The UK's car manufactuing is the most efficient in Europe. It is 6% more efficient than Germany, 25% above France and Italy, and 40% better than Poland. So a 9.7% 'worst case scenario' duty will be offset by that efficiency level.

3) As to whether car makers depart the UK would be due to factors other than Brexit. The French government pressuring Renault to move some Nissan production to France for example.

4) The fall of Sterling is helpful to exporters, especially those who have higher local content. Those who import many components may need to revisit sourcing more parts within Britain.

5) A quote from the professor: “Workers, unions, suppliers and politicians must be alert to the temptation for failing businesses blaming everything on Brexit."

Summary: So there is a more balanced way of looking at a subject than the hysteria and misinformation bandied about. The world constantly changes. Some are ready for that and embrace it.

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