29 September 2016

Ferrari Production (Model) : 2015

The 488 doing what it does best

The marque known for its prancing horse logo is doing just fine. 2015 production was close to 8,000 cars, which would be a record. There has been a policy of not chasing too many sales to retain exclusivity but at what point a luxury car takes volume too far is open to debate.

458/488: Currently the 488 mid-engine sports car is replacing the 458 model. Between them they account for 48% of total Ferrari production. An exceptional supercar.

California: The 2-door, 2+2 coupé cabriolet is a popular addition to the range with the updated T model released in 2014 adding to that. A 43% increase in production was registered. Great long distance cruiser.

F12: It's a grand tourer model that's a smaller than the FF. more focused and less practical as a result. Powerful, yet usable.

FF: This 4-seater, 4wd model is a grand tourer model with shooting brake versatility. Production has fallen to 300 from a high of 1,000 in 2012. A supercar for the family (a well heeled one).

LaFerrari: Lastly the 2-door hybrid sports car which can be also had as a soft top too. Very quick and very expensive.

Summary: How far can and should Ferrari go with production volume? Not diluting exclusivity would be a good place to start. This is a limited market so it's a fine line to walk. Plus there is some quality competition out there too but Ferrari does have unique attributes and a very loyal patronage.

Model 2015 % +/-

458/488 3,754 47.7% 5%

458 2,423

488 1,331

California 2,629 33.4% 43%

F12 903 11.5% -29%

FF 311 4.0% -21%

LaFerrari 276 3.5% n/a

Total 7,873

Data source: ANFIA.

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