23 February 2016

Jaguar XE vs BMW 3 Series Dynamic Challenge

BMW AG calls it 'driving pleasure unmatched' on its website. A big call

I guess many car enthusiast put driving dynamics as the benchmark of a car, especially men. If you only own one car, then you have to take practical considerations into account too. For the pure pleasure of driving, then how it delivers on that front is everything. The NZ Autocar magaine put the XE up against the 3 Series, the latter being the accepted drivers car in this segment for many years.

Road & Track said "game over for anything else in this class"

Audi fancies its A4 and while it has its strengths, it cannot match the Munich missile. Mercedes accepts it has a differing image and Lexus isn't good enough on that front. Jaguar hasn't ever tried to go for the mantle of the best driving car...until now. Nailing it on a first attempt would be amazing.

Good looks are important too

Road & Track recently and already almost famously said "Once enthusiasts drive an XE, it's game over for anything else in the class". That's quite a call. So did NZ's Autocar magazine come up with he same opinion in its head to head in the January 2016 edition?

The decision was that the new Jaguar XE was the new Ultimate Driving Machine. The 3 Series was roomier and for some that is what is needed. The XE doesn't have a wagon variant either yet. However, for driving pleasure the Jag aces the Bimmer. If you are looking for a dynamic drive and it's in your price spectrum, then the XE is your car. Jaguar has arrived.

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