01 October 2015

The Tesla X Is Finally Here

Tesla is a company with patient investors. This model's release has been put back a few times, apparently to get it as good as they could Owner Elon Musk now suggests maybe that was a mistake. He said often those last little gains are difficult and time consuming. I guess it depends if the extra time spent will enhance the product sufficiently to justify the hold up. The sooner it hits the market, the sooner you are getting a return.

As for the car, those who have driven it says it is extremely fast and handles really well for a crossover type vehicle - a low centre of gravity helping there. It can carry up to seven people too, so practical as well as sporty. Pricing is US$130-140k which isn't bad when considering what the competition charge. It will sell well and the waiting list already out to many months. Predicted production for both the X and S car are estimated at around 50,000 this year and at least 80,000 in 2016.

I think it is amazing that the Tesla car company has got this far. The automobile industry is such an expensive industry to operate in, especially when starting out. It has an advantage that it is taking on a segment that the rest of the industry has largely ignored - premium electric. By the time the competition sees the potential, Tesla will be established and expanding its range. Talking of range, they claim 250 miles, but that depends on how you drive and conditions.

Overall I'm impressed with Tesla even being here to deliver these cars. It has problems with its style of marketing in the USA, the land of free enterprise? It exports too and people want to own them, if they can afford the price and the range isn't an issue. A breath of fresh air in the car industry.

I have to say I love those rear doors

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